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Daton Fishery Corp. is committed to the integration and sales of high-quality frozen, fresh, aquatic and agricultural products. The aquaculture business includes Taiwanese sea bream, salmon, shrimp and other seafood businesses; the wild-caught business includes yellowfin tuna, southern black tuna, albacore tuna, bonito, ham, Norwegian mackerel, saury, swordfish, squid, octopus etc. We can provide customized processing methods and product types according to market demand. In addition, we also supply ingredients needed for sushi restaurants, such as fish eggs, seaweed, edamame and other ingredients. In terms of tea beverage ingredients, we can supply boba pearls, poppa beads, tea leaves, syrups and powder mixtures. Datong's agricultural and fishery partners have successfully obtained HACCP, ASC, EU, BAP and other international certifications, making them the most advanced seafood and food supply chain manufacturers in Taiwan.

In terms of product quality, fishing boats, fishing locations, breeding and planting locations are all strictly selected and controlled, and qualified raw materials are sent to processing factories that meet international standards for production. The production indicators are all in line with the health standards of the importing country, providing high quality and safe products. 

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